Collaboration between partners, going beyond the concept Client – Provider. Our vocation is to add value to the Organizations with which we collaborate and exceed their expectations.

Executive and Team Coaching

  • Coaching Process to Management Team

  • Team Coaching for the Management Team

  • Implementation of a “Coach-Manager” Role

  • Coaching Processes to Area and Department Managers

  • Team Coaching to the Board

  • Team Coaching to the Sales Team

  • Training in Team Coaching tools

  • Coaching Processes with Area Managers

  • Team Coaching to Local Management Team

Change Consulting

HR and Sales Development

  • Implementation of Sales Models

  • Implementation of the proactive sales culture “We all sell”

  • Measurement & Development the Organization’s work environment

  • Organization’s Change Management Projects

  • Design and implementation of Sales Academies

  • Defining and implementing Corporate Values

  • Identifying and developing Talent

  • Company transformation Projects

  • Development of Competency Management Models

  • Implementation of Sales performance Models

  • Implementation of Training Plans Systems

  • Organizational Climate Improvement

  • Design and Implementation of Development Plan Guide

  • Assessment – Development Centre

  • Implementation of Management Models

  • High Potentials Development Programs

  • Implementation of 360° Assessment System

Collaboration with universities and Business schools

  • Masters Degree in Executive and Personal Coaching

  • Managing the International Master in Tourism and Hospitality Management

  • Facilitation of Neurotraining Lab sessions

  • Executive Coaching Processes to International Managers

  • Master in Mobile Apps Design (Entrepreneurship & Business Model)

  • Coaching Processes within the Esade Alumni framework

  • Masters Degree in Strategic People Management

  • Postgraduate Degree in Commercial Advising

  • Bachelor of Business Administration

  • Full-time MBA

Management & Leadership Development Programs

  • Leadership Programs for Area Managers

  • Management Development Program

  • Design Thinking

  • Management of High-Performance Teams

  • Management and Strategic competences development Program

  • Emotional Intelligence Development Program for Area Managers

  • Influence Development Program

  • Training in Management for middle management

  • Teamwork Development Program

  • Networking training

  • Mindfulness Workshops

  • Strategic Thinking Program

  • Emotional Intelligence Development Program

  • Planning and Time Management Workshop

  • Conflict Management Training

  • Change Management Program

  • Analysis and decision-making Training

  • Train the Trainer Program

  • Coaching Skills Program

  • Leading & Facilitating Meetings Training

  • VUCA environments Management Training

Interpersonal and Sales Development Programs

  • Change Management Training Program

  • Team Building Program

  • Elevator Pitch

  • Agile Methodologies

  • GTD Methodology

  • Uncertainty Management Training

  • Effective Reasoning Training

  • Stress Management Program

  • Sales Team Onboarding Training

  • Cross-Selling Training

  • Key Account Management Training

  • Closing Sales Training Program

  • Sales Training for the Customer Service Team

  • Effective Communication with the Customer

  • Sales Influence & Persuasion Development Program

  • Training of trainers

  • Analysis and decision-making Training

  • Creativity and Innovation Training

  • Sell with NLP Training Program

  • Relational Management Program

  • Negotiation Program

  • Diversity Management Program